The Heart of Coffee

Tiffany and I are the oldest two of four kids (respectively). Our father is from Cuba and our mother is from North Carolina. We are (what I like to think) the perfect mixture of a family. We were raised in a predominantly Cuban culture with American influences. I say that because we spent almost all […]

The Good, The Bad and The Just Gross

Being a parent is so much more than the pretty picture everyone tries to paint. It’s more than just love, giggles and affection. It’s unconditional love in those moments no one else wants to love your kid and you can’t blame them. It’s patience when your child is throwing a fit in the middle of […]

My Biggest Pregnancy Struggle (so far)

I am human and I struggle with a lot of things. I struggle with my pride, with apologies, with learning to hold my tongue, with being a sister, daughter, wife, mother, and with life. I struggle with every fucking thing. And right now I have added another struggle. My weight. Not just my weight in […]

Two Pairs of Pants

After I was done freaking out I remembered I needed to tell Roy. Of course prior to all of this, for months I had thought about how I would break the news to Roy, my family, and eventually friends. Let’s just say everything I planned went right out the damn window. I put the pregnancy […]

The Day Time Stood Still

You know how there’s always certain events that you can replay in your head and you would swear you were back in that same scene in life? ┬áThat’s how I feel about the day I found out I was pregnant, or even the days leading up to it too really. DISCLAIMER: I talk about my […]