When Comfort Trumps Fashion

Before I ever even got pregnant I had this horrible fear about myself and my appearance. My fear was that I wasn’t going to look pregnant, that I would just look fat. You can’t blame me, after all, you hear all these stories about plus size women and how they never get that full “round belly” or they just look like they gained weight.

**Let me stop a minute and say that I was extremely uneducated and I blame the lack of proper guidance and information. I HIGHLY blame the internet and myself for giving in to what society said was a normal pregnancy. Since becoming pregnant I have tried to reeducate myself and hopefully bring awareness to others about pregnancy in general. Not a “normal” pregnancy or a plus sized one; just pregnancy**

As the months have passed and my stomach has grown I am amazed by just how in love with my body I am. I have my moments where I don’t love it so much and I’m not as gentle as I should be with myself. For the most part though I’m owning pregnancy and embracing it while it lasts.

There’s just one small problem. I have come to hate a certain part of my body thanks to pregnancy symptoms. It’s very random and to some they’ll probably think “what is wrong with you?” I absolutely have grown to hate my feet during pregnancy. There, I said it. I hate my feet. Allow me to clarify. Early in my pregnancy I experienced minor swelling in my feet. I was 16 weeks to be exact and all of a sudden one day I looked down and my feet were swelling! I mildly freaked out but thankfully I had a doctor appointment later that day. I’ll spare you the drawn out details but basically I just had to put my feet up, drink lots of water and try to keep walking. The swelling seemed to go away until recently. Fast forward a few months and officially my feet are swollen every day. Nothing else, not my hands, not my face, not my ankles really, just my damn feet. (Let me also make it clear that I am not suffering from preeclampsia and no signs of blood clots, I’m perfectly healthy)

I have always loved shoes. I love flats, heels, sneakers, flip flops, you name it I love it. We can all thank my mom for that. I try to ALWAYS have my toes painted and if they aren’t painted then I won’t wear open toed shoes. When my feet were starting to swell I could still fit into almost all of my shoes. Then one day…nothing fit. I panicked. Full on panicked. I still have a job to go to, I still have places to go. I can’t always wear flip flops everywhere can I?! It was starting to look like that was the only option I had. For years I have been obsessed with Havaianas. For those who don’t know what type of sandal they are click here and you’ll see. I SWEAR BY THESE SANDALS! {I am not getting paid for shouting them out, I’m just super obsessed with them and feel everyone else should be too} My previous pair lasted me 12 years and would have lasted longer had I not lost one. Who loses one fucking sandal?Β  Anyway, I started to wear my Havaianas almost every day and another pair of strappy style sandals that had a back on them. The day had come where the ones with the back were not going to be feasible anymore and so I set out on a search for a pair of shoes that I could wear every day which leads us to this post.

I went shoe shopping. For once my husband couldn’t yell at me since he could clearly see nothing fit. Or maybe he didn’t yell because he was scared that I would bust out in hysterics over shoes not fitting me. Either way he’s been an awesome sport. I searched high and low and let me tell you the search was long. I have never had such a hard time finding shoes to fit. At this point I was desperate.Β I had already searched about 10 stores prior to this, had scoured online for shoes and was gladly taking suggestions. On Wednesday I went to Famous Footwear with my aunt and my cousin.Β  My aunt pointed to a pair of shoes to which my cousin replied “those are in right now”. I’m sure my face gave away my feelings towards the shoes but when I tell you I was desperate I ain’t lyin’. Reluctantly I found my size and secretly wished they didn’t fit. I adjusted the strap (do you see where we are going here?) and slid the shoe on my foot that has been swelling the most-the left. The fucking shoe fit. I could have died. Never would I have imagined I would be trying on Birkenstock’s. {insert cringe face here} In my defense the shoes I tried on were made by Madden Girl but let’s be honest, a Birkenstock style is still a damn Birkenstock. Then my aunt said “Don’t forget it’s buy one get one half off so you should probably find another pair to buy so that you have options”. Of course, OF FUCKING COURSE, the only other pair I could fit into were another adjustable style sandal that resembled Birkenstock’s as well. After battling with my inner self I came to the conclusion that I was not going to find anything else that I would most likely fit into for the next almost three months and that I would have to suck it up and change my style for a little bit. Off to the register I went.

I now own two pairs of shoes that prior to pregnancy I would have never purchased and I am rocking the shit out of them if I do say so myself. This pregnancy has taught me so, so much about myself, about life and most importantly that in pregnancy comfort trumps fashion every damn day.





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  1. And they look super cute! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. I fucking love you! ROCK THEM BABY! BTW they are kinda cute πŸ˜‰

  3. I thought that will be “just for the ocassion” but after I saw the pic. Hey! They look great!!! πŸ‘Œ

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