Friendship in the weirdest place

Every so often I hear people say “you have a lot of best friends”.  There is some truth to that statement but if someone allowed me to explain myself then they would understand that it’s a small truth. Now we all know my sister is my best friend. She’s my ride or die. She’s my absolute rock and the one who completes me. Katie Randall is another one of my best friends. She’s fierce, she’s loyal, she’s my soul sister, she completes my sister and I. We are the definition of the three musketeers and without each other we are nothing. Then there’s my husband. He is, hands down, my BEST friend. I’ll save all the mushy stuff about him for another post because let’s face it, I have a lot to say. Then there’s my best friend, Doreen (who this post is about).

Doreen and I have technically known each other for 11 years now, however we have quite the long history in those 11 years and only became friends six years ago. I’ll shorten it and keep some of the story to ourselves because it’s more fun that way. Long story short, I dated and then married and then divorced Doreen’s baby daddy. (I’m cracking up writing this because to the outside world it sounds so funny). When Doreen and I first met there was a lot of animosity on both parts that lasted years.  I remember the exact time she and I finally started talking. I felt maybe, just maybe, things would be slightly different and we could be friendly, or on friendlier terms at least. It was April of 2009. My ex-husband had just had major dental surgery and Doreen and I had stared texting each other. Things went pretty smoothly; almost like the previous years hadn’t happened. Later that summer we threw a joint birthday party for Johanna (her daughter) and it was successful. The next month he and I got married and we were all still having a decent relationship.  It felt like finally things were falling into place.

Flash forward a year from that point and my ex-husband asked for a divorce. {This story is for another time} Thank god I have the most amazing family and friends that helped get me through that horrible time, but my family lives far and they couldn’t be there all the time. Believe it or not it was Doreen who helped me get through it. She would come over, make dinner, make me get out of bed, take me to the stores. She did all of this so I wouldn’t be alone. She did it all to be a friend but little does she know she saved me. In that time we developed the best friendship. One built on trust, loyalty, love, lots of laughter and tears-happy and sad ones.

Throughout the last six years Doreen has been there while I rebuilt my life. She helped me after the divorce. She listened as I cried endlessly over the same thing over and over again. She gave me tough love when it was necessary. She always made sure I was OK and that I was making it through the day. She would come over and keep me company. She would take me to Walmart just to get me out of the house. We would talk for hours about any and everything. And most importantly she never once left my side. Doreen and I are complete opposites in almost every way but it’s because of that we’ve had the amazing friendship we’ve had.

Six years of a beautiful friendship have come and gone and I plan on keeping her around forever. I found friendship in a weird place and it has been wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


{Below are just a few pictures from over the years. Doreen hates taking pictures but every now and then I’m lucky enough to snag a few. I hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane.}

Halloween 2010 (a month after my ex-husband left)
Christmas at Sea World 2010
At Disney, one of our favorite places to go together 2013
She was there every step of wedding planning
One of my favorite pictures
Best picture ever. It totally looks like she’s feeling me up
December 2015
My 30th Birthday party 2016

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  1. Omg. You have me in tears. Love you so much. So much I can’t put it to words.

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