Love and a Pregnancy Scare

I had all these ideas for blog posts I wanted to write (which I still will) until Sunday morning happened. I haven’t talked to many people about it because everything was and is fine. In our journey into becoming parents this time around, we had a scare. And maybe my concerns were legitimate or I overreacted, but at the end of it all I came out of that scare with a completely different love for my husband and our unborn child.

On Friday, Hurricane Matthew made its way through Orlando. It wasn’t nearly the storm it was supposed to be for us here and I am grateful for that, although I feel devastated for those severely impacted by the storm. Friday, Roy and I spent watching TV and movies all day long and it was magical. We NEVER get a day off together and Friday was a treat for us. All day that day Baby G was moving like crazy. I even got some video of it. Night time came around and baby was still moving. Saturday, Roy had to go to work early which usually means I’m half-awake as he kisses me goodbye and I can then feel the baby move a little bit as I stir. This Saturday was different. I didn’t feel the baby and although it crossed my mind that there was no real movement, I was so tired I didn’t give it too much thought. My mom was coming into town that morning to help us put together the nursery and to attend a baby shower my aunt was throwing me here. Needless to say once I was up that morning I was nonstop! I cleaned the house, showered, and then mom got there. That day was a whirlwind for me between the baby shower and starting the nursery. It was all overwhelming and definitely tiring.

At 11 o’clock or so Roy and I finally got in bed and I looked over at him and said “I haven’t felt the baby move today”. His response was one that had crossed my mind and that was “Well you have been busy all day long and haven’t stopped. You’ll feel the baby once you lay down.” I thought, he’s right, I have nothing to worry about. I laid awake for an hour to see if I could feel the baby and still nothing. Slight panic started to set in but I was also extremely tired. I figured maybe once I went to sleep the baby would start moving. Fast forward to 1:30 and I had to pee {story of my life}. I woke up, went to the bathroom, laid back down and realized I still hadn’t felt the baby. 2:15 rolls around and still nothing. Not even a flutter on my belly. I started to shake my belly a little, I moved from side to side, I tried everything I could think of without majorly panicking. All the while Roy was sleeping soundly next to me. I turned over to face him and thought, am I overreacting or do I wake him and see what he says? I knew he had to be up in a few hours to go to work and I didn’t want to bother him but I didn’t want to panic alone anymore.

2:45 AM. The baby still hadn’t moved and I decided to wake Roy. His first response was lay still and he put his hand on my belly. I told him “I HAVE been laying still. I haven’t felt anything!” The conversation then turned to if I wanted to go to the hospital. Immediately I wanted to scream yes but then I battled with the, well what if I’m overreacting? I’m going to feel stupid for going to the hospital. When I told Roy that his immediate response was this is not something we are messing around with, are we going or not? We got dressed and were at the hospital within 15 minutes. I guess it’s not really all that shocking how fast we got there considering the time of day/night. On the car ride to the hospital no words were truly spoken except for directions being given. He dropped me off at the front and he went to go park. I know he did it so I didn’t have to walk but for the first time I felt like a child. The entrance was in front of me but I almost felt like I didn’t know what to do. My husband literally was away from my side all of five minutes, if that, and I felt lost without him.

We were taken back and saw the nurse within ten minutes after checking in. She was the sweetest lady whose name I can’t remember and I wish I did. Roy sat in a chair across from me to my left and the nurse was to my right. She had the fetal monitor out and started to explain that she was going to place it on my stomach and get the heartrate of the baby. I’m not even lying when I say about a full 30 to 45 seconds passed while she tried to find the heartbeat. Although that doesn’t seem like a long time in a situation such as this one it’s fucking long. I’m pretty sure I had been holding my breath all the way from our house to the hospital until the moment the nurse said “there it is!” I looked at Roy and instantly he started crying. I finally exhaled and could feel the tears coming. The next two hours consisted of more fetal monitoring and an ultrasound. The baby FINALLY started to move and the heart rate was great. Basically the outcome of this was the baby is stubborn as all hell and I wasn’t crazy.

In that moment that I saw my husband cry over our unborn child I knew this man was truly my soulmate in every way imaginable. I have seen him cry before, like at our wedding or when Karli has to go back home when the summer ends. But this was different. Not for him, but for me. In his silent tears he reassured me that I was not overreacting by coming to the hospital. He reassured me that I am not alone. He reassured me that I will be and already am a great mother despite my constant fears. Most of all he reassured me that I was blessed with the best husband, partner, father to my children. He was made for me and I for him. Life is hard. It’s been very hard in the past and I know that there will be hard times ahead, but with Roy by my side I am convinced that I, no WE, will get through it all.


This was the fortune I opened today after writing this blog post. It’s a nice reminder that although I wish I could predict this crazy thing we called life, it is in fact unpredictable and I’m thankful to live it with Roy.



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad everything ended up ok😍

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