Guess who’s back!!


Happy New Year!

We know it’s been awhile and we apologize, but as some of you know Tiffany and I have had quite the busy last few months. Holidays came and went and oh yea, we had babies! We wanted to be able to soak up all of our time with our babies before having to return to work. Our maternity leaves are coming to an end (Tiffany this week and me in the beginning of February). We have entered the new year with a clear mind, some great blog posts ideas and a new sense of wanting to share our stories and experiences with all of you.

 I am your typical first time mom. I read every damn book I could get my hands on. I asked a million questions at every doctor appointment. I harassed women I knew that already had babies. I was determined to be knowledgeable as fuck. {Please hold your laughter that is aimed at me until later}. I’m not totally crazy. There are times where I’m not super whacko and know that no book will really teach me what I need to know. But still I worry, I ask and I research.

And then there’s my sister. A mom to THREE BOYS! -Crystal

Yes, that’s right, I’ve been there, done that and I’m a mom to not one, not two, but THREE little boys. I guess God thinks I’m pretty special. And since Tye is my third, if he eats dirt, this time around I won’t be googling the side effects or taking him to the doctor. Instead that will be considered his lunch. One might be a “first time mom” while the other is [nearly] an “expert”, but none the less we are so blessed to be able to experience this journey as Mothers, together. Did I mention I’m a first time Aunt?!?! EEEEEEKKKK!!!! Where’s the book on that?  -Tiffany

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  1. Absolutely love it!!!! Great job!!!

  2. Glad that you are back. It is going to be fun read about you two.

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