Music heals the soul

Music for me is life.  It lifts my spirits, it connects me with people and helps me get through my work days. When my sister and I were little we didn’t get along.  We were typical sisters who fought all the time.  I was quiet, she was loud. I was reserved, she was crazy. I showed little emotion, she wore all of hers on her sleeve.  Although we may very well still have all of these differences, there’s one thing that we have in common and that’s our love for music.

When our parents divorced we were teenagers.  We were lost, confused and so sad.  One day she asked to talk to me about the divorce and for whatever reason I put my attitude aside and listened.  In listening to her I realized that for once in our lives we could relate to each other.  We shared the same feelings and frustrations about the divorce and there was no one else who could understand what I was going through better than my little sister.  It was that summer of 1998 that are souls connected.  We started hanging out in her room listening to music we both have always shared the same love for.  We started writing songs together and recording ourselves on her karaoke machine.  See, there’s something you may not know about Crystal… she has always had the gift of music.  She has a beautiful voice and learned to play a few instruments including the piano and viola.  During her middle school years she studied music.  So with her talent and my love for the art we would sing our little hearts out.  Summer turned to fall then turned to winter and we would sing Christmas songs together.  This is how we bonded and it’s one of the ways we continue to bond today.  Thanks to music this is how we became best friends.  It’s unfortunate that it took our parents divorce to bring us close together, but in the end I gained a best friend and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

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  1. Beautifully written and oh so true. Nothing makes my heart happier than to hear, see and feel your love for one another. The bond between two sisters is oh so special and God knows I miss mine. Cherish every moment with one another. Smile, laugh and don’t ever take one another for granted. Life is way too short. Love you both all the world. Mom

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