Just Another Manic Monday

I’m a Mommy to 3 amazing little boys and I wouldn’t be able to have my organized chaos in the mornings if it weren’t for their help and my strict routine. Try and keep up as I walk, or run, you through my morning.

I wake up at 6:20 every morning and get dressed in an outfit that I picked out the night before. I head out to the kitchen and start preparing the baby’s bottles for the day and the boy’s lunches. At 6:50 I wake up the two older boys (ages 7 and 5) and ask them what they want for breakfast. Most mornings Devon (my 5 year old) lays in bed complaining about how he doesn’t want to get up, he’s too tired, the sunlight is bothering him, he doesn’t like camp (which is a lie, because he shares his adventures with such excitement every day when I pick him up) and that he doesn’t know what he wants to eat, because life is just so hard for a 5 year old.  Half the time I’ve already walked out of the room and leave him talking to himself. I leave them to get dressed and head back to the kitchen to make their breakfast. The boys meet me in the kitchen to give me a hug and then sit down at the dining room table where they find their breakfast, drink and 2 gummy vitamins waiting for them. Devon will complain how he doesn’t want to eat what I made and I will remind him that he had an opportunity to tell me what he wanted and he chose to complain instead.  So he can either eat it or starve, I don’t care. 

Did I lose you? No? Good because we are only half way done. Then at 7:00 I wake up Tye, dress him and feed him breakfast. Around 7:20 the boys brush their teeth and put on their shoes. Devon will complain about how difficult it is to put his shoes on, which for the record are Velcro ::insert eye roll here::. Once Devon is done complaining, I meet him, in the bathroom so I can comb and gel his hair. He has to give it his blessing before we can leave the bathroom.  The alarm on my phone is set to go off at 7:37 so that I know 7:40 is near. Then I change Tye’s diaper and we head out the door.  We have to be out by 7:40 and leaving by 7:45 to make it to summer camp, day care and work on time.

Are you keeping up? I’m not done yet. I grab my purse, gym bag and diaper bag while the boys grab their book bags and lunch boxes. Tre is in charge of making sure all the doors in the house are closed so that our 14 year old dog doesn’t pee in the rooms while we are gone and Devon walks around the house and turns off all the lights. I unlock the car and Tré opens the door to let Devon in. I put Tye in his car seat and Tré hops in and closes the door. They put their seat belts on and as we drive off I call my husband, their Dad, on Bluetooth to say good morning. He leaves to work at 6:15 every morning.

On the way to camp I put on Pandora as per their request and we all sing our little hearts out. They love Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, R5 and all the latest hits on Disney just to name a few.  Music is one of the many ways we bond. By 8:00 we are at camp. By 8:15 I’m at the day care and by 8:30ish I’m at my desk craving cafe con leche. 

PHEW! So that’s it. Those are my mornings Monday through Friday. Soon I’ll share the craziness of my nightly routine, but for now I’m going to finish my coffee and start working.



I don’t do mornings. Mornings are just not my thing. I’m the kind of person where you have to set four or five alarms before I actually get up. I have to give myself “bedtimes” just to be able to wake up at certain times. I refuse to carry on conversations until I have been up for at least an hour and have had coffee. Then you have someone like my husband who I wouldn’t say loves mornings but is DEFINITELY a morning person. He’s that one that wakes up at like 6-6:30 and starts doing a load of laundry, cleans the kitchen, unloads and loads the dishwasher.

I guess God knew what he was doing when he put Roy and me together. He’s a morning person and I’m a night owl. Truly, it works out great. You see, without him, my mornings would be all out destruction. We are really fortunate that Roy’s job has different hours than mine. It allows him to be home with the baby the majority of the day, but that also means we are like two ships passing in the night three times a week. With that being said my “mornings” begin at night.

Picture it, baby is down for the night. I’m exhausted but there is a lot to do. You know why? Because I know that in the morning I probably won’t wake up on time. Not probably, I straight up won’t. Around 9 or 10 o’clock I begin to wash and sanitize all the bottles and breast pump parts. I’ve got this routine down to a science! Seriously, it’s my own personal mom win. The longest this takes me is 30 minutes depending on how long I’ve let the bottles and breast pump parts pile up. Somewhere after all this I take a shower. Then I go pick out my clothes for the next day. Really, I just pick out my pants. The rest I just wing it in the morning. Then I get in bed and try to wait for Roy to get home around midnight but that never really happens anymore.

It’s now morning. Birds are chirping, the dog is already annoying me, and Roy has probably been up for at least 15 minutes. My alarm has now gone off about five times: 6:30, 6:35, 6:40, 6:45 and maybe 6:50. At about 6:55 I finally decide to get out of bed and of course I go into mini panic mode. I go get Bellatrix for her morning feeding at 7. Now that she’s older she feeds within 10 minutes. After she’s done I pass her off to Roy. It’s now about 7:10. Some mornings I have to shower because I want to wear my hair curly. Other mornings I just throw my hair in a ponytail. Wait, I know what you’re thinking. I always shower, but if I shower in the morning that’s just an “extra” shower to get my hair wet. Geez, I’m not dirty. It takes me about 10 minutes to brush my teeth, do my hair and finish getting ready. In order to get to work on time I have to leave at the latest by 7:35. I now have 10 minutes or so before I need to be out of the house.

It’s 7:20 and I’m now scrambling to find my shoes. E.V.E.R.Y morning. I can never find my shoes. Ever. At this point I start yelling to Roy to help me find my shoes because I’m going to be late. Also, in that same breath I’m asking if he’s made my lunch. He has made my lunch for years now, so me asking has become habit. I’m grabbing the parts I need for the breast pump, throwing them in the bag, kissing the baby, kissing the husband, grabbing all three bags, running through a mental list to make sure I have everything I need for the day and running out the door. I’m in my car by 7:33 every morning and somehow still make it to work by 8 AM.

Maybe it’s these hectic mornings that wake me up and get me ready for the day. Maybe I live for the craziness. One thing is for sure, one kid or four, I will never like mornings and I’m thankful for my husband who somehow manages to make them run just a little smoother.

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  1. This was so very accurate for both of you. Love reading your posts and love both of you.

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