Summer Bucket List

Summer is almost here!! For Roy and I summer means we get six weeks with Karli and having her here means planning all kinds of fun things, even if it’s as simple as movie night at home with the family.  Before Karli comes for the summer she, Roy and I will text back and forth […]

So Many Feels

You know when you really want a certain car or buy a new car and all of a sudden you see that car on the road every time you’re driving? That’s how I felt about getting pregnant. Except I wasn’t pregnant but a lot of women I knew were either announcing they were pregnant, were […]

Baby Talk-Part I

Roy and I met in November of 2012, started officially dating in February of 2013, got engaged in January of 2014 and then married in December of 2014. Now looking back at it everything happened fairly quickly it seems. In those two years before we married we had always discussed expanding our family. Roy has […]