The Struggle Bus

I think about blog posts all the time. I think about all the things I want to say. I’ve opened the page and I’ve closed the page. I’ve started posts and I’ve deleted them. At the end of every day I question it all. I question will people really read them? I question if they […]

No More Netflix and Chill

A month ago this past Monday I returned to work. I was fortunate enough to take 11 weeks off of work to be with Bellatrix. So much happened in those 11 weeks that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Bellatrix was born right before the holidays. It was only days before Thanksgiving that she […]

Guess who’s back!!

WE’RE BACK! Happy New Year! We know it’s been awhile and we apologize, but as some of you know Tiffany and I have had quite the busy last few months. Holidays came and went and oh yea, we had babies! We wanted to be able to soak up all of our time with our babies […]

A letter to my sister on her birthday

Tiffy, How is it that we are adults already? Where has the time gone? You hear it all the time that life flashes before you. Or that you blink and you’re another year older. Here we are, now 34 and 30 and I swear it was just yesterday that we were playing and I decided […]

You Are Beautiful

  No one, especially women, especially pregnant women, want to hear the words “you’re huge”. You would think that’s common sense, right? You would think that a woman telling another woman would know this, right? You would think another mother who has carried children before would know that this is an unspoken rule, right? Apparently […]

The Heart of Coffee

Tiffany and I are the oldest two of four kids (respectively). Our father is from Cuba and our mother is from North Carolina. We are (what I like to think) the perfect mixture of a family. We were raised in a predominantly Cuban culture with American influences. I say that because we spent almost all […]

The Good, The Bad and The Just Gross

Being a parent is so much more than the pretty picture everyone tries to paint. It’s more than just love, giggles and affection. It’s unconditional love in those moments no one else wants to love your kid and you can’t blame them. It’s patience when your child is throwing a fit in the middle of […]