Love and a Pregnancy Scare

I had all these ideas for blog posts I wanted to write (which I still will) until Sunday morning happened. I haven’t talked to many people about it because everything was and is fine. In our journey into becoming parents this time around, we had a scare. And maybe my concerns were legitimate or I […]

When Comfort Trumps Fashion

Before I ever even got pregnant I had this horrible fear about myself and my appearance. My fear was that I wasn’t going to look pregnant, that I would just look fat. You can’t blame me, after all, you hear all these stories about plus size women and how they never get that full “round […]

A letter to my sister on her birthday

Tiffy, How is it that we are adults already? Where has the time gone? You hear it all the time that life flashes before you. Or that you blink and you’re another year older. Here we are, now 34 and 30 and I swear it was just yesterday that we were playing and I decided […]

You Are Beautiful

  No one, especially women, especially pregnant women, want to hear the words “you’re huge”. You would think that’s common sense, right? You would think that a woman telling another woman would know this, right? You would think another mother who has carried children before would know that this is an unspoken rule, right? Apparently […]

Two Pairs of Pants

After I was done freaking out I remembered I needed to tell Roy. Of course prior to all of this, for months I had thought about how I would break the news to Roy, my family, and eventually friends. Let’s just say everything I planned went right out the damn window. I put the pregnancy […]

The Day Time Stood Still

You know how there’s always certain events that you can replay in your head and you would swear you were back in that same scene in life?  That’s how I feel about the day I found out I was pregnant, or even the days leading up to it too really. DISCLAIMER: I talk about my […]

So Many Feels

You know when you really want a certain car or buy a new car and all of a sudden you see that car on the road every time you’re driving? That’s how I felt about getting pregnant. Except I wasn’t pregnant but a lot of women I knew were either announcing they were pregnant, were […]

Baby Talk-Part II

There are three women that I talk to every single day even if it’s a simple hello. They have been my rock, my guidance, my voice of reason and my biggest cheerleaders. When Roy and I decided it was time to start trying for a baby naturally I ran to these three women to hear […]

It’s Not Easy Being Pretty & Plump

All of my life I have struggled with my weight. I can’t remember a time where I was ever truly “skinny”. My sister Tiffany, on the other hand, has always been skinny. Besides being total opposites in looks, we have total opposite personalities and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve heard a few […]